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Statistics: IRCnet

All graphs have a five minutes resolution except the last one (daily maximum resolution). Data is collected using a self-written perl-program, which runs day and night, asking the IRC-server every five minutes for new information. You can find those scripts at my IRC page and my Programs page.
There is an automatic update at least once a day.

Daily graph.

This graph ends with the most recent data and goes back 24 hours. Counts of Users and Channels.

Daily Graph - IRCnet

Weekly graph.

Starts eight days before now.  Average Users and channels are graphed.
Weekly graph

Monthly graph

You guess it. This picture shows us all IRC users and channels starting five weeks ago.
One month

Yearly graph

When there's more data available I will expand this graph's timespan. Right now we can't. There's not known more...

Half a year ago

IRC server graph

Here you can see how many IRC servers were connected throughout this IRC Network.
Server statistics

Please stand by for upcoming news. If you think you can contribute, please write.

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