This online shop is only open for non-EU customers. If you are citizen of a state of the European Union or either your address or delivery address is within the EU, your order will not be processed. UK custumers may order because Great Britain left the EU. EU citizens must order by email or phone from now on.

EU citizens: If government and court roulings wanted to solve the "final written warning" issues in Germany, never a law would have come into effect that is in my view an epic fail. The risk of paying enourmous sums because of "final written warnings" has become way to high in Germany and is now in my opinion unacceptable. Penalties with the new European Union privacy laws are in my opinion for Open-Source-Enthusiasts too high and avoidance is too time consuming. I did not understand up to now if http transmission of Customer data is in accordance with the new privacy laws or not. In my opinion "https" has design flaws which render the protocol useless especially if you have customer privacy in mind (certificate revocation lists - you can read in a broader scope in my book "Online surveys and IT security"). If you want to order, please pick up your phone.

EU citizens: Finally there has been development, the German laws covering "final written warnings" have been already changed. They say there will be more changes in December 2021, so if they really change the law this online-shop will reopen for EU customers in January 2022.

Order form - Non-European-Union - English

Thank you for your interest.

Sorry, there is no possibility to pay with credit card. It's not suitable for us because of the low prices. Moreover there is no security problem with your credit card data then.

There are four possibilities for you to pay:

Please choose (all prices in European Euros, 0 % VAT (this order form is only valid for non-EU-deliveries), shipping and handling - if you order only one CD, there will be a surcharge of 3 Euro):

     1. Debian GNU/Linux 10.9.0 Official Buster (14-16 DVDs)
         i386 (16 DVDs or 4 Blu-Ray, 205 Euro)
         amd64 (16 DVDs or 4 Blu-Ray, 205 Euro)
         Source (14 DVDs or 3 Blu-Ray, 183 Euro)
         arm64 (15 DVDs, 194 Euro)
         armel (14 DVDs, 183 Euro)
         armhf (14 DVDs, 183 Euro)
         mips (14 DVDs, 183 Euro)
         mipsel (14 DVDs, 183 Euro)
         mips64el (14 DVDs, 183 Euro)
         ppc64el (15 DVDs, 194 Euro)
         s390x (14 DVDs, 183 Euro)
         multi-arch (1 DVD, 18 Euro)
     2. Debian GNU/Linux 9.13.0 Official Stretch (12 bis 14 DVDs)
         i386 (14 DVDs or 3 Blu-Ray, 183 Euro)
         amd64 (14 DVDs or 3 Blu-Ray, 183 Euro)
         Source (12 DVDs or 3 Blu-Ray, 160 Euro)
         armel (12 DVDs, 160 Euro)
         armhf (13 DVDs, 172 Euro)
         arm64 (13 DVDs, 172 Euro)
         mips (13 DVDs, 172 Euro)
         mipsel (13 DVDs, 172 Euro)
         mips64el (13 DVDs, 172 Euro)
         multi-arch (1 CD, 5 Euro)
         ppc64el (13 DVDs, 172 Euro)
         s390x (13 DVDs, 172 Euro)
     3. Debian GNU/Linux Unstable Sid Unofficial
         Source (5 DVDs, 72 Euro)
         i386 (7 DVDs, 126 Euro)
         amd64 (8 DVDs, 144 Euro)
         arm (5 DVDs, 72 Euro)
         hppa (4 DVDs, 62 Euro)
         ia64 (1 DVD, 18 Euro)
         m68k (5 DVDs, 72 Euro)
         powerpc (1 DVD, 18 Euro)
         s390 (1 DVD, 18 Euro)
         sparc (5 DVDs, 62 Euro)
    4. Debian GNU/Hurd L1 Sid Unofficial (20 Euro)
    5. Knoppix-CD (7 Euro, English version. If you want German, please use comment field)
    6. Knoppix-DVD (21 Euro, English version. If you want German, please use comment field)
    7. kUbuntu 7.10 and Linux MCE 7.10 (three CDs, 18 Euro, 8.10 beta please use comment field)
    8. Fedora 23 (1 DVD, 21 Euro)

     9. FreeBSD 12.2 (one DVD, 21 Euro)
         sparc 64

     10. FreeBSD 11.4 (one DVD, 21 Euro)
         arm - Raspberry Pi 2 (one CD, 7 Euro)
         PowerPC 64
         sparc 64

    11. DesktopBSD (one DVD, 21 Euro)
    12. FreeBSD 12.2 Packages (eleven DVDs/CD, 155 Euro)
    13. FreeBSD 11.4 Packages (nine DVDs, 146 Euro)
    14. FreeBSD distfiles (30 DVDs, 367 Euro)

     15. KDE 4.6 (or 4.x, 3.x)
         Source (4.4.2, one CD, 7 Euro)
         KDE Four Live CD (4.0, one CD, 7 Euro)
         ASPLinux (3.2.2, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Caldera (2.2.1, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Conectiva (3.4.2, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Debian (3.2.2, one CD, 7 Euro)
         FreeBSD (Unofficial 3.2.3, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Gentoo (3.2, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Irix (contrib, 3.0.5a, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Mandriva (4.4.1, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Redhat (Fedora) (3.4.1, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Slackware (contrib, 3.5.5, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Solaris (contrib, 3.4.1, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Suse (4.3.4, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Tru64-Unofficial (3.0.3, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Turbo (3.1.2, one CD, 7 Euro)
         KUbuntu (3.5.8, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Pardus (3.5.8, one CD, 7 Euro)
         Yoper (3.3.2, one CD, 7 Euro)
         YellowDog (3.0, one CD, 7 Euro)

Note: KDE 4.x für SuSE would be two CDs - KDE Source and Binaries for PowerPC will not be sent to you unless you order it using the comment field below - this is done because KDE 3.x for SuSE ix86/8.0/8.1/8.2/9.0 fits on one CD and most customers use those versions of SuSE Linux. The complete set of KDE for SuSE will then be 12 Euro (two CDs).
Note: If you did not order any other Debian or FreeBSD CDs, shipment for one single KDE-CD will be additional 3 Euro.

     16. Special requests
     Boot disks (add 5 Euro)
     colored CDs: blue (Binary 1), red (Bin 2), green (Bin 3) (add 1 Euro for each CD)
     CD-RW/DVD-RW instead of CD-R/DVD-R (add 1,5 Euro for each CD, 5 Euro/DVD)

     17. Special Shipment (if not advance payment)
     Cash on delivery (only within Europe, add min. 6 Euro)
     Invoice (corporate clients and authorities (add 3 Euro)

18. First and last name or Company
18a. Additional Address
18b. Street and number
18c. ZIP-Code, City
18d. Country
18e. E-Mail-Address

19. Questions and comments

20. I hereby certify that a) I'm not citizen of a EU state, b) my address is outside the EU, c) delivery address is outside the EU: Please enter "non-EU" in this field

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